Machine: Hot air tempering oven
Type: HT 420
Width: 1100mm
Year: 2016
Number: 1


Oven for tempering of emission on non-woven and/ or textile die-cut pieces. - working width 1100mm. - working height 100mm. - Tunnel length 5m. - Y.o.c. 05/2016 ( machines as new since only running trials). - Cooling zone ca. 1,2m. - Insulation 300mm. - conveyor (steel) speed 0,3-5,0m/min controlled by inverter. - Temp. max 420C. - Working temp. continuously 400C. - Burner WEISSHAUPT 150Kw. - Air cap. 10.000m/h, fan with inverter. - Tube insulation V2A/ 50mm. - Waste air approx. 2500m/h, controlled by inverter. - Cooling air cap. 4000 m/h, controlled by inverter. - Feeding conveyor and exit conveyor.

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