We have following metal detectors for sale

1130045: 1 TRUETZSCHLER 1999, SECUROMAT SCB, Sparks detection ARGUS / metal detection MESUTRONIC and separation JOSSI for blowroom and flock opening line. Model SECUROMAT, SCB incl. control panel.

1130063: 2 TEMAFA 1995, TEX 4000/440, Electronic metal detector for mounting in flock transport tube diam. 300mm, serial no.: 9505-666, supply 230V, Cap. 0.1 Amp. Programming Type MSG 4-FF.

1130064: 1 JOSSI 1999, MD-03, Electronic metal detection unit, model METAL SHIELD for mounting in pneumatic floc/ fibre transport system. Unit composing: detection unit, separating clappet with air-reserve cylinder, control panel , SHIELDMANAGER.

2400022: 1 TRUETZSCHLER 2001, MRO, 350 mm, Double magnet trap to be mounted in floc transport ducts, diam. 300-350mm, two sets of permanent magnets in zick/ zack position with easy cleaning system.

2400024: 1 TEMAFA 2000, MSG, Metal detection unit to be fitted in pneumatic fibre transport system, incl. electronic detection unit, frame for wall or roof construction, frame dimensions: 2000 x 750 x 800mm, tube connection diam. 300mm, electronic programmer GRECON type CC 720, 230V/ 50Hz, for setting: sensitivity, product consumption, eject duration.